How to Copy a Chart From a Web Site

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A chart is an easy-to-follow representation of data. There are data charts, which can be in the form of a pie, bar, scatter, area, or line chart, or labeled charts that help you learn or memorize data (like the alphabet or periodic tables). If you see an HTML chart that you need to pull from a website to demonstrate or support your point, you can do so using a few simple keystrokes.

1 Simple Copy and Paste

2 Contains the text chart

Load the page that contains the text chart. The chart will likely either have lines and words, or it will be a picture file (like a JPG, PNG, or GIF).

Position your cursor at the very top left side of the chart. Click and drag your mouse to select the entire chart, including all text and image elements. You should see a blue selection box around the contents.

Press "CTRL + C" on your keyboard to copy the chart to your clipboard.

Paste the chart to your application, such as in a word processing program (Microsoft Word), graphic layout program (like Adobe InDesign), or a presentation application (like PowerPoint).

3 Screen Shot

Take a screen shot of the chart on the website as an alternative. Simply click "ALT + Print Screen" on your keyboard, which will take a snapshot of the chart and other elements on the page.

Open an image editing program, like Adobe Photoshop or MS Paint and then click "CTRL + V" to paste it in.

Crop the image so that only the chart shows and save it as a JPG or TIF file on your computer. You can then insert the chart picture into your document.

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