How to Erase Files From a Samsung Galaxy S III

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Your Samsung Galaxy S III includes a Secure Digital card that contains all of your personal files and any third-party apps you've installed to your smartphone. The SD card has a limited capacity of 16 to 64GB, and once you reach that limit, you can't download or copy any more files to the card. To free up space on your Galaxy S III, you can either format the SD card, which deletes all its data, or delete individual files from the My Files app.

1 Format the SD Card

2 Open Settings

Open Settings from the Home or Apps screen and then select "Storage" from the menu.

3 Tap Unmount SD Card

Tap "Unmount SD Card" to prepare the card for formatting, and then tap "Format SD Card" from under SD Card.

4 Again to completely wipe all data

Press "Format SD Card" again to completely wipe all data from the card.

5 Delete Individual Files

6 Open My Files

Open My Files from the Apps screen and then tap "All Files."

7 Choose ExtSDCard

Choose "ExtSDCard" from the options and then navigate to the folder containing the file you want to delete.

8 Place a check mark

Place a check mark in the box located to the left of the file and then tap the trash can icon. Press "OK" to confirm.

  • To see how much space is left on your card, go to the Storage screen in the Settings app and then review the information displayed in the Available Space field.

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