If you receive a Google Play gift card, you can use it to buy anything from the Google Play Store -- including books, apps, movies and audio tracks -- directly from your Android device. The Play Store app is one of the apps that come installed on all Android mobile devices. You can use it to redeem your $10, $25 or $50 gift cards. In case you can't use the Play Store app, you can redeem the cards on the Google Play website from any browser. Either way, you don't need a credit card to redeem the gift cards.

Step 1

Launch the Play Store app on the Android device. You can find the Play Store app icon on one of the screens or in the Applications menu.

Step 2

Tap the Play Store icon, which looks like a white shopping bag with a play button on it.

Step 3

Tap the "Redeem" option to open the "Redeem Your Code" dialog box.

Step 4

Type the code of the gift card in to the Enter Code field and then tap "Redeem" to redeem your gift card. You can repeat the procedure to redeem more cards.


  • To redeem the gift card using the Web browser, navigate to the redemption page (link in Resources); type the code into the "Enter gift card or promo code" field and tap "Redeem."

  • The value of the gift card is converted to Play Store balance when you redeem the card.