How to Check My AKO Account

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AKO is an acronym that stands for "Army Knowledge Online." When you initially register for your AKO account, you are given a username and password. It is this information that you will use to log in and check your account at will. You can do this from any computer that is connected to the Internet on either a Mac, Windows or Linux operating system.

1 Open your Web browser

Open your Web browser and visit the Army Knowledge Online website (see Resources).

2 Click AKO DKO Login Page

Click "AKO/DKO Login Page" if you want to log in to your general Army Knowledge Online account. From this page you can check your general account settings, change your contact information or reset your password.

3 Click AKO Webmail Login Page

Click "AKO Webmail Login Page" if you want to check your Army Knowledge Online email account.

4 Account

Type your username and password for your Army Knowledge Online account into the boxes on screen and press "Enter" to sign in and check your account.

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