Newly hired Florida Department of Transportation police officers must attend the police academy.

The Florida Department of Transportation, or DOT, hires police officers that perform many of the same duties as other police officers in the state of Florida. DOT officers also often work at state-operated tractor-trailer weigh stations where they enforce weight, load and size restrictions, as well as tax and traffic laws and driver's license, registration, hazardous materials and safety regulations. DOT officers work throughout the state of Florida. When you apply, indicate the counties in which you are willing to work.

Visit the People First website (see Resources). Click on the "Create an Account" button to the left of the screen. Enter the requested information on the following screen and click "Next."

Click the scroll down button beside the "Agency" category on the "Search Criteria" page. Look for "DOT-Transportation" and highlight this by clicking on it once.

Click on "Full Time" in the "Job Type" box. Select the region of Florida in which you wish to work by clicking on it. If you wish to select more than one region, hold down the "Control" key on your keyboard when selecting additional regions.

Complete the three categories on the left and right of the screen, selecting items as they apply to you. In the "Occupation" box, select your current or most recent work industry.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the appropriate items in the "Notification Preferences" area, and click "Next." You will arrive at a page with a welcome message and an area where you can search and apply for positions.

Click "Search and Apply to Positions." Click on "Law Enforcement" in the list that appears. Apply for a position by clicking "Begin Application Process."


  • If you become a DOT officer and are not already a Florida law enforcement certified officer, you must pass physical ability and general ability tests. All applicants must undergo a polygraph exam and psychological evaluation, as well as a medical exam, vision exam and drug screening. A background investigation and credit check are also necessary.

    All new DOT officers must attend the police academy for training.

    If you have problems locating a DOT position on the People First website, call 850-245-7912.