How Do I Sketch a Layout of the Classroom on the Computer?

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One of the first activities that a teacher should perform at the beginning of a school year is to prepare a sketched layout of the physical components in a classroom. The physical layout of the classroom is an important element in establishing and maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment as well as setting behavioral expectations. Using Microsoft Word 2007, you can easily sketch a layout of the classroom on the computer.

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Word 2007
  • Computer mouse
  • Printer
  • Paper

1 Turn

Turn on the computer and load Microsoft Word. Go to “Office Button;” choose “New;” choose “Blank Document;” click “Create” to pull up a blank page.

2 Choose Insert Menu

Choose “Insert Menu;” choose “Shapes” to access the different shapes available.

3 Select the first button

Select the first button in the first row under “Basic Shapes” to access the “text box” tool.

4 Using the mouse

Using the mouse, click on the blank page to draw a text box. Enter text inside the text box denoting what the object represents such as teacher desk, file cabinet, etc.

5 Repeat this procedure

Repeat this procedure for the layout of the other objects in the classroom.

6 Go to Office Button

Go to “Office Button;” choose “Save As;” create a file name for the document. Type the file name of the document under the option “File Name;” click “Save.”

Jeannine Lowe is a business technology teacher at McKenzie High School in Tennessee. She has been writing on business and marketing topics since 2007. Lowe obtained her Master of Science in education through Walden University, specializing in integrating technology into the classroom.