One of the first activities that a teacher should perform at the beginning of a school year is to prepare a sketched layout of the physical components in a classroom. The physical layout of the classroom is an important element in establishing and maintaining a safe and nurturing learning environment as well as setting behavioral expectations. Using Microsoft Word 2007, you can easily sketch a layout of the classroom on the computer.

Step 1

Turn on the computer and load Microsoft Word. Go to "Office Button;" choose "New;" choose "Blank Document;" click "Create" to pull up a blank page.

Step 2

Choose "Insert Menu;" choose "Shapes" to access the different shapes available.

Step 3

Select the first button in the first row under "Basic Shapes" to access the "text box" tool.

Step 4

Using the mouse, click on the blank page to draw a text box. Enter text inside the text box denoting what the object represents such as teacher desk, file cabinet, etc.

Step 5

Repeat this procedure for the layout of the other objects in the classroom.

Step 6

Go to "Office Button;" choose "Save As;" create a file name for the document. Type the file name of the document under the option "File Name;" click "Save."