Aptitude testing evaluates how you accomplish tasks and react to situations you face in your daily environments. The tests include questions about your interests, talents and hobbies. Schools, employment agencies and companies use aptitude tests to guide the test taker's professional path.

Verbal Skills

Aptitude skills measure your verbal abilities by examining your spelling, grammar, reading comprehension and critical thinking. You may have to complete sentences or identify misspelled words.

Mathematic Skills

The math section of an aptitude test offers basic mathematics---additions, subtraction, multiplication and division. Math problems get harder as you progress, and you have to find solutions using scratch paper.

Spatial Ability

Spatial ability is the capacity to interpret the meaning of shapes and images, draw forms and follow maps. Military, law enforcement and first responders take aptitude tests with these types of questions.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Data Checking

Data checking on aptitude tests measure your ability to look at tables and other data and check for accuracy and errors. Employment agencies offer this testing for data entry, clerical and accounting jobs.


Personality inventories, such as Myers-Briggs, ask questions about your likes and dislikes to determine what career and academic field fit your personality.