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About 71 million people in India speak the Marathi language. The written Marathi language originated in the state of Maharashtra in the 11th century and has used the Devangari script for its alphabet since 1950. If you properly configure your computer's language settings, you can learn Marathi typing. There are resources available to learn how to type Marathi in both online applications and desktop applications, but you will need some previous knowledge of Marathi vocabulary in order to best utilize these tools.

Marathi Typing

Set up your computer to display the Devangari script needed to show Marathi letters. In Windows, go to the Control Panel, click the "Region and Language" tab. Click "Keyboards and Languages," then select "Change Keyboards." Click "Add" and select the Marathi language from the Language bar in the Taskbar.

On a Mac, open "System Preferences," click "Language & Text" and select "Edit List." Check the box next to Marathi; the language name will be written in Marathi and will be near the bottom of the list. Click "OK" and close System Preferences.

Download a Marathi font to properly display Marathi letters. Install the font in Windows by right-clicking the font file and selecting "Install."

On a Mac, open the "Library" folder in your user directory and double-click the "Fonts" folder. Add the font file here.

Use a transliteration product such as Lipikaar or Baraha to type Marathi text on your computer. These products will properly display the Marathi fonts and matraas (consonant and vowel combinations) needed for typing in Marathi. Lipikaar is also available as a Firefox add-on.

Consult the keyboard map for your Marathi font to learn the position of each of the letters and shortcuts to type letter combinations.

Use a web application such as Google Transliteration to type in Marathi. Google offers Marathi support for Blogger, Gmail and Orkut as well. With Google Transliteration you can print the text to a PDF to save for later.

Check your local library or university to see if they have access to Marathi typing tutorial software.