The driver's license is one of the most popular and commonly used forms of identification. Along with the driver's license number, each license has the driver's photograph, birth date, and current address, in addition to information such as eye color and height. You can usually locate the owner of the ID by using information that's printed directly on the license itself.

Examine the driver's license and orient it so that the photo side is facing you.

Find the address of the driver on the license. It is usually printed next to the photo on either the right or left hand side, depending on the layout of the license.


Perform a search with a resource such as the White Pages. Various phone books, including nationwide directories, can now be found on the Internet. Phone books and directories can also be found in public libraries. Match the person's name with the correct address as listed on the driver's license. Such a search will typically reveal the home phone number associated with that address, which allows you to locate the person by using their driver's license.