How to Find an Exam Proctor

Students taking online courses must find proctors for exams.

Many college students are required to designate proctors to administer exams, especially those who take courses online and do not live near the schools they are enrolled in. Students who attend classes in person are not typically required to designate a proctor because they take tests in class with a professor. A proctor obtains the exam, administers it and returns it to the school, and ensures that the student follows proper procedures and does not cheat. All states allow the designation of a proctor.

Go to the National College Testing Association website to designate a proctor anywhere in the United States. You can also call campuses near your home to ask whether they have proctors.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “NCTA Consortium of College Testing Centers” link. Click the “Click here to find a consortium participant” link. Choose your state from the map on the following page.

View the institutions with proctors in your state. Click on the institution in the city or area where you want to take your proctored exam. Call the phone number listed on the information page for that institution to schedule the exam. Some schools charge a fee to use their facilities and proctors. If the proctor you choose charges a fee, it is listed on the school's information page on the NCTA website.

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