If you are attending community college in the United States, but want to transfer your credits to a Canadian college, it is possible to do so by filling out the proper paperwork and contacting the schools involved. In order to have your credits evaluated for transfer, the community college you attend in the United States must be accredited.

Contact the Canadian college you want to transfer your credits to and inquire on the requirements needed to be admitted as a student.

Contact the community college you currently attend and inform them that you want to transfer the credits you have earned to the Canadian college of your choice. They will help you to gather and send the required documentation needed to be admitted as a student at the Canadian college you have chosen.

Go to the "World Education Services" website to fill out an application to have your credits evaluated for transfer eligibility.

Click the "Student" section located at the top of the web page, then click "Get a WES Evaluation" on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click "Evaluation in Canada" under the "Apply Now" section.

Enter the requested personal information, then click "Next" to continue to the next screen.

Choose "United States" from the "Country" drop-down box, then gather copies of the listed required documents.

Enter your post-secondary education information, then click "Next."

Type "To continue my education" in the "Purpose" dialog box, then click "Comprehensive Course by Course Evaluation."

Click "Add Recipient," then click "Educational Institution."

Enter the name of the Canadian college you will be attending, then click "Search."

Click the correct college from the listed results, then click "Select this institution."

Choose a payment method to pay the evaluation fee, then click "Submit."

Mail the requested documents to: World Education Services

45 Charles Street East, Suite 700

Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1S2


  • There is a $200 fee that must be paid to have your credits evaluated.