How Can I Become a Famous Model?

Swimsuit model

The modeling industry appears glamorous and exciting to many people, and the lure of fame, money and adoration attracts potential models from across the globe. Becoming a famous model requires many years of hard work, dedication and luck. Models must conform to set measurements and ideals concerning their appearance, particularly in skin tone, hair, facial structure and body type. Several types of models thrive in the industry, and many are famous within their genre without becoming household names. Success in the modeling industry requires that potential models clearly identify what type of model they would like to be, and what satisfies their personal idea of fame.

Create a resume. Resumes should include prior modeling experience, measurements and clothing size, and contact information. Talents that may influence modeling abilities, such as dance or athletic interests, can also be included. Promotional models or spokes models should include retail or sales experience and languages spoken. Each modeling job should be added to a full resume. Resumes can later be edited or tailored for specific jobs.

Create a modeling portfolio of digital or physical photos. Portfolios should include, at a minimum, a head shot and full body shot. Head shots should clearly show the face, neck and shoulders with a minimum of makeup or extensive hair styling. Most clients, agencies and photographers want to see the model as a blank canvas, and dramatic hair and makeup distracts from their ability to imagine the model in their project. Spokes models and promotional models should include a head shot with a natural, friendly smile. Body shots can show the model in casual, professional or formal clothing. Body shots allow clients and agencies to verify a model's measurements and body type, so try to chose a wardrobe that emphasizes your figure.

Approach agencies through in-person castings and online applications. Spokes models can usually begin the application process online by submitting their resume, measurements and digital photos through the agency's website. Spokes models should apply to a dozen or more agencies, as these companies do not often restrict who you can work with. National agencies that book promotional models include Encore Nationwide, or It may take several weeks or months before a spokes model is hired for a job. Many agencies also offer in-person castings for specific jobs or to increase their staff. Castings often require a physical portfolio and resume. A digital portfolio can be printed at a local drugstore or photography shop.

Cultivate an individual look. Many models become well-known because of their distinctive style or look, such as unusually long, curly hair or very short, bleached hair. Facial features, tattoos or piercings, or an ability for dramatic posing can set apart a model. Many traditional fashion and agency models avoid tattooed and pierced models. Tattooed and pierced models, commonly called "alt models," can increasingly find regular work and fame through websites like Zivity, Suicide Girls or Model Mayhem. Alt models should keep in mind that freelance Internet modeling often requires adult themes. Those uninterested in adult work could find fame and financial gain through sites like

Fame in any industry requires perseverance and hard work. During the quest to become a famous model, everyone receives more rejections and criticism than praise and success. The key is to glean lessons from each rejection and then let it pass. Punctuality and reliability can carry a model a long way.

Jessica Alzarana has a Bachelor of Music in music composition from the University of North Texas and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in music therapy from Texas Woman's University. Alzarana essays have been published by UNICEF State of the World Children's Report & BootsNAll.