What Skills Are Needed to Become a Model?

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Being a model requires more than being tall and thin. According to the United States Department of Labor, the modeling industry is extremely competitive and careers are short. Models must possess physical, financial and social skills to succeed.

1 Photography

A model must be photogenic to be successful in print advertisements. He or she must know how to interact with photographers, change poses and embody any style or expression that photographers are looking for.

2 Runway

Runway models must be able to walk and move gracefully, often while wearing revealing outfits or high shoes that make walking difficult.

3 Networking

Because modeling jobs often take less than a day, models must be able to network with clients and gain a positive reputation in order to have a continued career.

4 Organizational

Models are constantly traveling to client locations or going to appointments, so they must have organizational skills to keep tabs on their unpredictable schedules.

5 Stamina

Models must be able to withstand various working conditions and hours, especially if they are working on location outdoors. They generally model clothes from upcoming seasons; for example, models may have to wear bikinis in cold temperatures.

Allison Boelcke graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor's in English and a minor in psychology. She worked in print journalism for three years before deciding to pursue Internet writing. She is now a contributing web writer for Demand Studios and Conjecture Corporation.