Stylists use already designed clothes to dress clients.

The way you advertise yourself as a fashion stylist could mean the difference between being a celebrity consultant and finding a new career. Breaking into the industry is the easiest where many fashion shoots take place, such as New York. Although the competition is more fierce in these locations, there are far more jobs and your chances of becoming a successful fashion stylist are improved. Stylists use already designed clothes to dress clients, while a designer conceptualizes each article of clothing.

Build a website for your business. Often the best web addresses are your name, followed by a domain name. Place on your website images of models you have dressed as a fashion stylist. Also include your biography, resume and contact information. Photos of people you have styled on your home page are a big plus.

Print business cards with a photo of your best-dressed model. Include your website and contact information on the cards. Hand them out to anyone you meet who might play a role in your future as a fashion stylist.

Create a book of your work as a fashion stylist. Break the portfolio into sections. For example, have four sections, with each representing a season.

Attend fashion business functions so you will know what you are talking about with clients in regard to the fashion industry.


  • An agent has the contacts you need to get your career rolling. Many clients contact the agent, rather than the designer. The agent submits some of your work, then the client decides whom to hire.