There are several different types of models that you can aspire to become. There are models who specialize in high fashion, models who specialize in catalog spread, models who specialize in hair modeling and models who specialize in the modeling of specific body parts like hands, face and even the butt. The key to becoming a model is to identify your best feature and then focus your job and agent search on modeling jobs that need that part.

Get your butt in perfect condition. This means you will need to keep your body fat index down, you will need to do squats by the hundreds and you will need to get it waxed and exfoliated on a regular basis. You may also want to get a nude spray on tan to enhance the appearance of your butt.

Work with a professional photographer to take high-quality shots of your butt modeling techniques. You will need several poses to complete your portfolio, including underwear shots, nudes and trouser shots. You will also want to include action shots and stills.

Put together your butt modeling portfolio. Include your best shots from Step 2 as well as shots from previous butt modeling jobs that you have done. Make sure your portfolio is well organized and neat. Also make sure each page is either laminated or protected with a plastic cover. A lot of people will be thumbing through it, and you don't want their fingerprints to mar your photographs.

Contact modeling agencies that specialize in butt models. In California, you can go to Bella Fierce in Passadena. If you are located in the Midwest, you can go to TO Productions in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. If you are in Florida ,you can go to ATS Modeling & Acting in West Palm Beach. Finally, if you live in the South, you can go to Cashmere, located in Atlanta, Georgia. After you have an agent, he will be able to book jobs for you.