Male models are highly sought after, if they fit certain classic types.

The only downside to male modeling is that there aren't as many categories of modeling open to men as there are to women. There is no market for petite male models or plus-size male models. Rarely are there "glamour" male models, although if that's the route you want to go, there's always Chippendales! Nevertheless, there is a strong market for male models who fit a few classic types. Remember, these are mostly guidelines when it comes to the requirements. There are always exceptions to the rule if you have a look an agency really wants.

Fashion male models: These men grace the runways in the finest and most sought after threads from world-famous designers. Male fashion models must have an eye-catching face, toned body, a great walk and be able to wear anything from a casual polo shirt and khaki shorts to a suit and tie.

Requirements: Height: 5-foot-11 to 6-foot-2 (there is such a thing as being too tall, although there are exceptions to the rule) Weight: 140 to 165 pounds Measurements: 40 regular to 42 long

Commercial/print male models: Commercial/print male models represent the everyday guy -- the businessman, the best friend, the athletic or outdoorsy type. This type of male model appears in everything from billboards to magazine ads and catalogues.

Requirements: Height: Varies, but typically still leans towards being 5-foot-9 and taller Weight: 140 to 165 pounds Measurements: Varies

Editorial male models: This type of modeling involves appearing in the many editorial ads found in high fashion magazines. The male model showcases the outfit or accessories the fashion industry feels will be the next big trend. While these jobs don't pay as much, it is a fast way to build up a portfolio with tearsheets.

Requirements: Same as a fashion male model.

Regardless of the type of male model you meet the requirements for, all male models must have good skin, be proportional, maintain clean and groomed fingernails, toes, hair and facial hair.