Senior Theme Ideas

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Senior theme week, also known as spirit week, is a week, generally in the last months of high school, in which members of the senior class dress in themed costume. The theme week usually lasts five days, with a different theme for each day of the week. While it is the tradition of some schools to allow all students to dress up, for others it is a senior prerogative.

1 Cowboy Day

On cowboy day, seniors break out the chaps, 10-gallon hats, boots and spurs. As a lunchtime activity, organize a lassoing event, in which contestants attempt to sling their ropes around small objects, such as freshmen.

2 80s Day

On 80s day, seniors dress up in the best and worst fashions of the 1980s, when leggings, tights, headbands, and Hammer pants were the order of the day. For an activity, find an oversized boombox and hold a break-dancing contest.

3 School Pride Day

On school pride day, seniors dress up in the school colors. The more spirited members of the class may also apply face paint or hair dye. Usually timed to important sporting events, the classic accompanying activity for this day is a pep rally.

4 Animal Day

On animal days, seniors dress as their favorite animals. While some students will likely rent or purchase animal costumes, others will go the creative route and hand make their attire. Properly altered, orange pom-poms make a perfect lions' mane.

5 Glamor Day

Glamor day is when seniors arrive dressed to the nines in gowns and suits. Like prom, without the music and drinking, glamor day allows students an opportunity to bring a touch of elegance to a regular school day. For an activity, hold a formal ballroom dance in the gym.

6 Toga Day

Toga day is when students go Greek and don flowing white gowns. To avoid anything indecent, students are generally encouraged to wear at least some clothing under their robes.

7 Movies Day

On movies day, students dress as their favorite movie characters. Students who plan ahead can come dressed as characters from the same film and act out scenes. "Do you expect me to talk, Goldfinger?" "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die."

8 Superhero Day

Whether you're a comic book nerd or you just have a thing for tights, superhero day is a crowd-pleaser. Some seniors come dressed as their favorite superheros or villains--Spiderman, Catwoman, the Incredible Hulk--while others create their own alter-egos.

9 Cross-Dress Day

A favorite among progressive high schools, on cross-dress day, students come dressed in the duds of the other gender. Women tend to go with baggy pants and baseball caps, while the more daring senior boys don high heels and dresses. A lunch-hour fashion show is a must.

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