How to Find Hidden Files, Pictures, and Folders on a Verizon Droid X Cell Phone

Unhide folders and files on your Droid X using Windows File Explorer.
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You can hide folders on the Verizon Droid X by opening the file system in the Droid’s default Files app, then inserting a period in front of the selected folder name. All files and pictures stored in the folder will also be hidden from view. However, unhiding files can be a bit more challenging. If you have hidden a folder on your Droid X, whether intentionally or by mistake, you can find the folder and all contained files by connecting the Droid X to your computer using the USB data cable, then deleting the period in the folder name using Windows File Explorer.

1 Unhide a Folder

2 Connect the Droid X

Connect the Droid X to your computer with the USB data cable, then slide the Notification bar down over the Droid X home screen.

3 Tap the USB Connection ” option

Tap the “USB Connection” option, then tap “USB Mass Storage.” Tap “OK.” The computer finds the Droid X, and registers the device as a drive.

4 Open Windows File Explorer

Open Windows File Explorer, then click the drive entry for the Droid X in the left sidebar. The device's file system opens in the center pane. Browse to the hidden folder. Folders hidden on the Android operating system with a period in the folder name are visible in Windows.

5 Right-click on the hidden folder

Right-click on the hidden folder, then click “Rename.” Delete the period preceding the folder name. The folder will now be visible once again from within the Android operating system.

6 Hide Folders and Files

7 Tap the Files icon in the Droid X Applications tray

Tap the “Files” icon in the Droid X Applications tray to launch the Files app.

8 Tap the Phone Files

Tap the “Phone Files” tab to open folders on your phone’s SD card. The Shared Folders option is available when your phone is connected to another device, and folders are shared between the two devices.

9 Move all files

Move all files to hide into one folder. When you hide this folder, all files inside will be hidden, too.

10 Browse to the folder to rename

Browse to the folder to rename, then tap and hold the folder to see additional options.

11 Tap Rename

Tap “Rename,” then insert a period in front of the folder name. Tap “Save.” As soon as the new name is saved, the folder disappears from view.

  • Information provided in these steps applies to the Motorola Droid X. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other models of the Droid.
  • In order to hide files on the Droid X, you must hide the folder that contains the files. Files themselves cannot be hidden.

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