How to Reset a myTouch LG

Reset your myTouch by LG to resolve issues and improve performance.
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You can soft-reset the myTouch by LG to kill a running app that won’t close by rebooting the device. For more persistent software issues, perform a master reset on the device. If a soft reset does not resolve app problems, the master reset will restore the phone to its original settings. The master reset deletes all third-party apps, data and settings. The original firmware and applications are restored. A master reset is also the most efficient way to remove all data before passing the phone on to another owner.

1 Internal Master Reset

2 Press the Menu key

Press the “Menu” key on the home screen of the myTouch to open the device menu.

3 Tap the Settings ” option

Tap the “Settings” option, and then tap “Privacy” to open the Privacy Settings menu.

4 Tap the Factory Data Reset option

Tap the “Factory Data Reset” option to open the Factory Data Reset screen.

5 Erase SD Card

Tap the check box next to “Erase SD Card” to remove all data from the SD card during the master reset.

6 Tap the Reset Phone

Tap the “Reset Phone” option. A warning screen displays. Read the warning, and then tap “Erase Everything.” The myTouch is restored to original factory defaults.

7 External Master Reset

8 Hold the Power key

Press and hold the “Power” key, and then tap “Power Off” to turn off the myTouch.

9 And hold the Power key

Press and hold the “Power” key.

10 Press the Volume Down key

Press the “Volume Down” key while pressing the “Power” button. Hold the keys for three seconds. If the LG logo displays at this stage, you must start again by powering off the phone.

11 Hold the Menu

Press and hold the “Menu” and “Back” buttons while still holding the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys. The LG logo displays.

12 Release the Power button

Release the “Power" button when the LG logo appears.

13 Release the Volume Down

Release the “Volume Down,” “Back” and “Menu” keys when the LG logo flashes once. The Android Unpacking.... screen displays. The factory reset is performed and the phone reboots. After the reboot is complete, the myTouch is restored to original settings.

  • Information in these steps applies only to the myTouch by LG. Note that Huawei and HTC both manufacture smartphone models known as the myTouch. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for these devices.
  • Back up your internal memory data to save your contacts and media before resetting the phone.
  • You can choose whether to delete or retain data saved on the SD card during the master reset.

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