How to Do a Manual Factory Data Reset on a Flytouch Tablet

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If your Flytouch tablet doesn't function properly or freezes and crashes periodically, resetting it may fix the issues. A reset restores all settings to their default values and erases all data, including text messages, photos, emails and Google accounts, on your tablet. Data on the SD card remains intact, so you can back up important information by transferring it from the tablet's internal memory to the card.

1 Reset From the Menu

2 Return to the Home screen

Return to the Home screen, press the "Menu" button and then tap "System Settings" to open the System Settings menu.

3 Tap Privacy

Tap "Privacy" to view all settings related to privacy and then tap "Defaults." On some devices, the "Defaults" option may be labeled "Factory data reset."

4 Tap

Tap "Reset" only if you are absolutely certain you want to reset the tablet. All your data will be erased when you tap "Reset."

5 Reset Android 2.2 Flytouch Tablets

6 Turn off the Flytouch tablet

Turn off the Flytouch tablet before you attempt to reset it.

7 Hold the Power

Hold the Power, Menu and Back buttons until the tablet starts to reset.

8 Wait until the tablet resets and reboots

Wait until the tablet resets and reboots. Do not turn off the tablet while it is resetting.

9 Reset From the Recovery Screen

10 Turn off the Flytouch tablet-2

Turn off the Flytouch tablet and then hold the Menu and Power buttons until the Recovery menu is displayed on the screen.

11 Press the volume down button

Press the volume down button repeatedly until you highlight the "Wipe data / Factory reset" option and then press the Power button to select the option.

12 Select the

Select the "Yes – erase all user data" option and then the "Reboot system now" option to reset the device. Your Flytouch tablet reboots.

  • All data on your tablet is erased during the reset. You can't recover this data, so back up the contents of the tablet before proceeding with the reset.
  • You must go through the initial setup wizard again after you reset the tablet.
  • On some tablets, you need to hold the Power, Home and center square buttons to get to the Recovery screen.

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