How to Reset Your Kyocera Rise

A master reset returns your Kyocera Rise to factory software and settings.
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Reset your Kyocera Rise to restore functionality if you experience issues with the device. A soft reset simply requires that you power off the phone and then turn it back on. If an app has hung, the soft reset will kill the app.For more significant issues, such as blank screens or lost functionality of stock apps, a hard reset is sometimes necessary. A hard reset reinstalls the firmware and all factory-provided software. A hard reset, also known as a factory reset, can be performed from the Settings menu or by pressing a combination of hardware keys on the device.

1 From Settings Menu

2 Press the Menu key

Press the “Menu” key from the Kyocera Rise home screen to open the device menu.

3 Tap the System Settings option

Tap the “System Settings” option to open the System Settings menu.

4 Tap the Backup Reset tab

Tap the “Backup & Reset” tab, and then tap the “Factory Data Reset” option in the Backup & Reset menu. The Factory Data Reset screen displays a warning message. Read the warning message.

5 Tap the Erase SD Card check box

Tap the “Erase SD Card” check box to delete all files from the memory card during the reset process. Leave the box unchecked to keep your SD card files.

6 Reset Phone

Tap “Reset Phone” to initiate the factory reset. The Reset? confirmation screen displays.

7 Tap the Erase Everything button

Tap the “Erase Everything” button. The Kyocera rise reverts to factory settings, and then reboots.

8 Hardware Keys

9 Press

Press and hold the “Power” key, and then tap “Power Off.” Tap “OK” to turn off the Kyocera Rise.

10 Remove the back of the phone

Remove the back of the phone, and then take out the battery. Leave the battery out of the phone for two or three minutes, and then replace the battery. Replace the phone’s back cover.

Press and hold the “Volume Down” button.

Press the “Power” button while holding the “Volume Down” key until you see the Android logo on the screen. Release both buttons when the Android logo displays.

Press the “Volume Down” button to scroll to and highlight the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option. Press the “Power” button. The confirmation screen displays.

Press “Volume Down” to scroll to and highlight “Yes-Delete All User Data.” Press “Power” to select the option.

Press “Volume Down” to scroll to and highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition” option, and then press the “Power” key.

Press the “Volume Down” button to scroll to and highlight the “Reboot System Now” option, and then press “Power.” The device powers down, and then boots back up. The Kyocera Rise has returned to factory default settings.

  • Information provided in these steps applies to the Kyocera Rise. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other Kyocera devices.
  • Perform a hard reset to prepare your phone for resale or trade. The hard reset removes all of your apps, settings and personal data in just a few minutes.

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