Funny Conversation Ideas

Reminisce about a funny moment you shared together.
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Whether you are conversing with a close friend, relative or significant other, finding things to laugh about can help maintain your relationship. Laughter establishes a connection between two people and brings people together, according to the Psychology Today website article, "The Benefits of Laughter" by Hara Estroff Marano. Keep your conversations going with comical topics and tickle each others' funny bones.

1 We Made Fools of Ourselves

There has likely been a time when your faces turned red from an embarrassing moment. Talk about what happened to give each other a good laugh. Perhaps you were the victim of a funny prank, accidentally spilled your drink on your first date or had to dress up like a chicken after you lost a bet with a friend. It may not have been funny when it first happened but now when you look back at the situation, it is quite a hilarious story to tell.

2 Your Guilty Pleasures

Discuss something you are afraid to admit you love and have never told anyone. Fess up and give each other a good kick out of it. For instance, you may still like to do something you outgrew years ago. Maybe you watch television shows geared towards preschool children, still sleep with a beloved teddy bear or occasionally play with dolls or action figures. You may even admit you absolutely adore a certain singer, song or movie that many others may deem uncool or boring.

3 Powerful Superhero Abilities

You both may find humor in discussing what superpowers you wish you had if you were a superhero. Maybe you wish you had the ability to fly and travel around the world anytime you desire. Perhaps you desire to read other people's minds just so you can know what someone really thinks of your fashion sense or cooking. Think of comical hero names to coincide with your desired powers, such as "Super Speedy Spaghetti," if your power is the ability to run super fast.

4 Bizarre Favorite Foods

Talk about the weirdest food you both have ever eaten and actually enjoyed to get each other to laugh. Perhaps you tried chocolate-covered insects, licked a worm-filled lollipop or devoured a dancing squid dish while on vacation in Japan. Additionally, share your own funny food combinations or recipes you love to eat but that someone else may not be too fond of. Maybe you like to dip french fries in your ice cream cone or place potato chips on your turkey and cheese sandwich.

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