What Indoor Activities Can My Boyfriend & I Do for Our Six-Month Anniversary?

Escape the bad weather by celebrating your six-month anniversary indoors with fun activities.
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Hitting the half-year mark of your relationship is a great reason to celebrate with your boyfriend. Sometimes, though, the weather doesn't cooperate with scheduled plans. Don't be discouraged -- you can still celebrate your six-month anniversary with indoor activities that will build upon your relationship, as well as show him how much he means to you.

1 Lunch Room Date

If you and your boyfriend are short on time due to classes and extracurricular activities, plan a lunch date in your school’s cafeteria. Pack a meal made up of your favorite foods, including a yummy dessert to share. Eating together gives you and your boyfriend the opportunity to partake in an activity that is traditionally used to strengthen the bond between loved ones, as well as socialize with companions.

2 Rock Climbing

Signing up for an indoor rock climbing class is a great way to learn to trust each other, as well as connect over physical activity. Rock climbing is a strenuous workout, and since exercise releases endorphins, you and your boyfriend will leave feeling happy, relaxed and full of energy. Choose an indoor rock climbing center together, as well as equipment and attire that is needed for the class. Follow up your climbing experience with a meal at a local restaurant to recap your exciting date.

3 Theater Night

Celebrate your six-month anniversary by dressing up in fancy clothes to attend a night at the theater. Look up shows that are scheduled to be performed at your school or by community drama clubs. The theater brings out many feelings in a person, such as humor, excitement, happiness and love. This will be the perfect opportunity to learn about your boyfriend’s emotions, as well as have great discussions after the curtain closes.

4 Dancing and Music

Including dance and music into your day can make your anniversary fun, memorable and a bit romantic. Ask permission from the music faculty to use your school’s chorus room, along with the CD player. In between classes, play your boyfriend’s favorite song and invite him to dance. Accompany your moment with a mixed CD of tunes that remind you of your relationship. You can also schedule a lesson at a local dance studio or community center to learn some new dances to show off at homecoming or prom.

Ashley K. Alaimo is a writer, blogger and certified teacher in New York. She has a master's degree in elementary education and early childhood education from Medaille College, as well as a bachelor's degree in music and theater from Buffalo State College. Alaimo has also worked as an education specialist with ages birth to 12 years old, creating classroom and enrichment curriculum for various early childhood centers.