The Best Flirting Tips for Men

Get her giggling with your flirty humor.
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If you feel tongue-tied or like your game is somewhat off when it comes to talking to women, spruce up your approach with a few flirting techniques. While flirting may seem natural to some guys, others struggle with this type of romantic communication. When your approach is more flat than flirty, take a step back and revamp your strategy before your next night out or conversation with that cute girl from chem.

1 Smile, You're On

Although at some point flirting will always involve talking -- unless you want the girl to think that you've forgotten how to speak -- you can kick off your conversation with a subtle smile. This doesn't mean that you approach the object of your affection with an ear-to-ear grin or a strained, school picture type of smile. Instead, show her a relaxed and confident smile that says, "Yeah, I'm interested in you. And you should be interested in me too." If you're struggling to stick the smile flirting technique, practice in the mirror before you use it in real life.

2 Body Language

Along with your flirty words, the type of body language that you use can make the difference between letting her know that you're interested and having her walk away confused. Before getting hands-on right off the bat, step back and use less aggressive body language as part of your "just met you" flirting regimen. While joking around with or smiling at your potential girl, lean back and give her some personal space, suggests doctor of social and personality psychology Jeremy Nicholson on the Psychology Today website. When you know the girl better, lean forward or close the gap between you to make your flirting animated and announce your interest.

3 The Sneaky Flirt

You know him or you've seen him out -- the over-the-top flirt who's got his hands all over the girls and thinks that his boisterous boasts are more lovable than loudmouth. Instead of being "that guy," take an approach to flirting that is stealthy yet sweet. Instead of making an obvious gesture -- such as telling her that she's the hottest girl in the room -- find a way for her to notice you. For example, casually turn your coffee cup that has double skim mocha written on the side -- just like hers does -- toward her to see and notice. When she says, "We are having the same thing," casually reply, "I'm glad you noticed."

4 Eye Got It

Looking over her shoulder, staring at another girl who's across the room or looking down at your shoes isn't likely to help your flirting game. Either the girl will think that you're totally uninterested in her or will think that you have zero confidence in yourself. Both scenarios are a turn-off that won't win you a date. Focus your gaze directly into the girl's eyes. Whether you truly are listening to what she's saying -- and you should be -- or you're zoning out, an unbreakable gaze gives an impression of intent and interest that makes for successful flirting.

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