When You First Meet a Girl, How Can You Tell if She's Attracted to You?

If a girl asks probing questions, she's probably interested in you.
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Decoding the signals sent by potential partners is never an easy task. Some girls are naturally flirty, cuddling up to everyone around them. Some are shy and hesitant, afraid to make their feelings known. Although you can never tell for sure how a girl feels about you, most girls make their attraction known subconsciously. If your new acquaintance shows several signs of attraction, chances are good that you will land a first date.

1 Body Language

All animals, including humans, use body language to demonstrate their interest in a potential mate, writes David Givens, an anthropologist who specializes in nonverbal communication. If the girl turns her palms upward, she is showing her submissive side, like a cat that exposes its underbelly. Looking up at you from beneath her eyelashes is both a sign of deference and a subconscious mimicry of the come-hither look popularized in old movies. Mirroring movements is a sign of interest throughout the animal world. Notice whether she subtly mimics your posture, hand gestures and other small movements.

2 Conversational Clues

Girls generally engage in deep conversation with guys they like. If she asks numerous probing questions and pays close attention to the answers, she is most likely attracted to you. Conversational clues include lighthearted teasing and giggling. Some girls’ voices become higher pitched. Others whisper to a friend about guys they like.

3 Physical Contact

Light physical contact is a sure sign of attraction, according to Match.com. She might brush against your arm, pull a thread from your shirt or pat your shoulder. If you notice her fidgeting, playing with the silverware or resting her hand on your section of the table, she is likely working up the courage to touch you.

4 Exit Strategy

Pay attention to how the girl makes her exit, suggests eHarmony.com. If she intentionally lingers, finds a reason to touch you or casually mentions an upcoming event, she might be trying to send a message. Many girls are hesitant to ask for a guy’s phone number, but drop hints in an attempt to get him to ask for theirs. If you are interested and she seems attracted to you, take the risk. At the worst, you might be momentarily embarrassed. Most of the time, however, girls who send out the signals of attraction are secretly hoping the guy will follow up.

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