What Are Signs That My Crush Likes Me Back?

Her flirty smile shows that she has an interest in you.
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Are you wondering if that spark of electricity you feel for the cute guy in your chemistry class is a one-way attraction? Recognizing the signs that your crush likes you back can make a relationship a reality or help to stop you from making something out of nothing. Instead of living with nervous confusion, look for the clues that point to him liking you just as much as you like him.

1 Talking the Talk

While it's unlikely that your crush will just come out and say, "Hey, I really, really like you," she may tell you in her own way. Listen to exactly what she's telling you. If she compliments you or talks about her feelings toward you, she may have a crush on you as well. For example, if she says something such as, "Hanging out with you is fun" or "I enjoy our talks in between classes," she may truly like you.

2 Body Language

Your crush won't always give you verbal cues that he likes you, too. If he's shy or just can't think of a way to tell you how he feels, you may want to look at his body language instead. Positive types of body language such as pointing his feet toward you, wiggling his legs or feet, uncrossing his arms or leaning in toward you during a conversation can all indicate an interest, according to doctor of social and personality psychology Jeremy Nicholson in his "Psychology Today" article "Reading Basic Body Language for Dating and Persuasion Success."

3 In Her Eyes

Watch your crush and note how she's looking back at you. When your crush looks back at you with a constant gaze or gradually -- and coyly -- glances down, her face is showing her interest. While turning her eyes to the side in a far away or bored glance indicates that she could care less, extended eye contact has an opposite effect. Even if she can't say she's crushing on you, the dreamy look that she's giving back to you can say everything.

4 Case of the Nerves

You are standing at your locker or in the corner coffee shop when you bump into your crush. He begins rambling nervously about his day and fidgeting with his book bag. His hands seem shaky, as does his voice. Maybe he has had one too many cups of coffee -- or maybe he likes you. These nervous behaviors may indicate that he has a crush on you. Think about how your own cheeks blush when he walks near you or how you get butterflies in your belly when he walks by. Nervousness -- while unpleasant -- is a possible sign that your crush likes you but isn't sure that you feel the same way.

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