Dating an Extrovert

Help your extroverted honey relax with some couple time.
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With his gregarious laugh, larger than life personality and super-sized sociable ways, your guy is in no uncertain terms an extrovert. Whether he's casually flirting with the ladies or going out with his boys, his undeniably attractive energy may seem to have everyone in the room looking in his direction. That said, it can be difficult to keep up with his wild ways.

1 Assert Yourself

An extrovert's magnetic personality can easily overtake your less out-there style. If your romantic partner is an extrovert, don't let your thoughts and opinions fall by the wayside. Instead of shrinking into the background, assert yourself and make your ideas known. An assertive person acts with self-confidence and believes that her opinions count, while still respecting what others have to say, according to the Teens Health website in the article "Assertiveness." For example, if your extroverted girlfriend is constantly making plans for the two of you -- even though you would rather stay in -- tell her, "I appreciate all of the work that you're putting into our social scene, but I just want some alone time with you."

2 Opposites in Love

If you're an introvert and he's an extrovert, dating each other means making adjustments and understanding how your partner's personality works. When the two partners in a relationship are on opposite extremes, compromising and showing compassion is key to keeping things steady, notes author Sophia Dembling in her article "Introverts and Extroverts in Love" on the Psychology Today website. Don't assume that your introverted ways are the best or let him think that his extroverted personality should win out. Each personality type has merits and faults, making neither better nor worse.

3 Social Butterfly

As an extrovert, your partner is likely to place a high priority on socializing. While it's completely acceptable to ask him to stay in or go with a low-key approach -- such as a dinner at a romantic restaurant -- don't expect this to turn into the norm. Allow your extrovert the space that she needs to act socially. This may mean that you spend time with your own friends while she goes out.

4 Take the Lead

Just because your extrovert always plans the dates doesn't mean that he doesn't want you to do the same. Even an extrovert needs a day off from being his high-energy, center-of-attention self. Give your partner the break he needs and plan an entertaining evening out for the two of you. For example, combine both of your interests and have a low-key dinner in and then go to the local dance hot-spot.

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