How to Talk to a Girl Who Always Hangs Out With Her Friends

Treat her friends with respect when you decide to talk to her.
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She catches your eye from across the room. Everything inside of you says, "Go talk to her," but you just can't seem to get past the gaggle of girls hanging around her. If the object of your affection is always with her gal pals, getting time for a one-on-one conversation isn't always easy. Instead of feeling ignored, join in and start socializing with her group, breeze by with a casually cool intro or flirt via the web.

1 Remove Fears

One of the biggest obstacles to talking to a girl is the fear of rejection. Add on a group of girls that are hanging around her and double the stress. Before you consider approaching your cute crush and her gaggle of girlfriends, put your fears aside. Give yourself a confidence-building pep talk. Instead of focusing on the reasons why she -- and her friends -- might reject you, think about your good points. Remind yourself that you are a smart, sweet guy who has a sparkling sense of humor.

2 Mix In

Don't assume that you and her group of friends can't mix and mingle. If she's always surrounded by at least a few friends, get to know them too. For example, if your lab partner is also friends with your cute crush, use your chemistry acquaintance as an entry to the group's conversation. Talk to your lab mate beforehand to establish the fact that you like her as a friend. Ask her to play the role of your wing-woman as you talk to her and your crush. Even though you should engage the whole group in your conversation, focus most of your attention on your crush. This will let her know that you are interested in her -- not in her pals.

3 Act Cool

You are in her immediate social circle, but now what? Take a look at your surroundings and either ask a question or make a statement about what you see. For example, you're at your school's basketball game when you spy your crush with her girls. Make your way through the rest of the group and focus only on the object of your affection. Approach her casually and say something such as, "Did you see the winning point?" or, "That was an exciting game." This type of ice breaker almost blends into the background, making it seem natural -- even with a group of other girls around.

4 Tech Time

When her friends just won't leave and you are desperate for alone time with her, try a more tech-savvy approach. Even though the two of you are in the same room, whip out your phone and send her a text. If you don't know her number yet, consider friending her on Facebook or another social media outlet. Message her via her page, striking up a flirty conversation. Ask her out on a date -- minus her friends.

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