How to Tell If a Shy Female Likes You

A shy female may give mixed signals if she likes you.
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It's easy to know if an outgoing girl likes you. She will give you lots of eye contact, chat up a storm and linger by your side. Shy females, on the other hand, are a lot more difficult to read. If you are getting a lot of mixed signals from the cute girl in your history class, it could be that she is shy.

1 Nervous and Embarrassed

Shy girls may get more nervous around people they like -- because they want to make a good impression, says etiquette expert and life coach Marie Dubuque in the video segment "How to Tell If a Shy Girl Who Is Inexperienced Likes You" available via YouTube. Watch to see if the shy girl acts differently around you than she does around others. If she blushes, seems uncomfortable and stumbles over words, these could be signs that she likes you. She may even go so far as to avoid you if she is really worried about how she will come across.

2 Eye Contact

An outgoing girl will lock eyes with someone she likes. Not so for a shy girl, says Dubuque. Put on your detective hat and see if you can decipher the signals the girl in your history class is sending. A shy girl may not look at you at all because she is too nervous, she may look at you a lot but always look away when you catch her stare, or she may look around the room in an effort secretly to keep an eye on you. Watch how she behaves with others, and you will get a sense as to whether she is giving special attention to you.

3 Ask a Friend

If you are having a lot of trouble deciphering her nonverbal communication, consider going straight to the source -- one of her friends. Find someone who you feel you can trust enough not to spill the beans, and ask if the shy girl is interested in you. Although you risk rejection, you also don't have to spend any more time trying to read mixed signals. The shy girl might even appreciate your direct approach, if it turns out that she does indeed have an interest in you.

4 Coming on Strong

Some shy women will be more overt with their feelings. She may light up when you are in the room, laugh at everything you have to say and linger by your side. If a shy girl gives you these obvious signals, they are an easy-to-read agenda -- she is interested and wants to get closer to you. Her interest also shows that she likes you enough to be brave in the face of shyness -- a sign that her feelings may be more than casual. When a shy girl comes on strong, her behavior usually matches her level of interest in you.

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