How to Get a Guy to Notice You When You Have a Flirty Best Friend

When he smiles, smile back to grab his attention.
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You're at the mall, in the cafeteria or at the local club when you see a cute guy who you want to talk to. You approach him, friend in tow, and before you know it his attention isn't on you. Does this mean that he doesn't like you? Maybe, but it's more likely that your super-flirty best friend is stealing the focus. Instead of pouting or quietly shrinking away, you can get the guy to notice you and not your friend.

1 Start With a Surprise

Stop being predictable all of the time and outshine your friend with a surprising streak of personality. If your night out typically goes something like this -- a guy approaches you and your friend, she turns on the sparkle and suddenly you're the invisible person, shake things up. For example, before your BFF starts flirting, grab the guy's attention with a bold comment such as, "Hi. I'm Jane and my psychic said I'd meet you today!" He'll take notice of your surprising speech and your friend will feel thrown enough to temporarily stop flirting.

2 In Your Face

While your best pal is coyly gabbing on and on, pull the focus from her by making eye contact with the guy. Using your facial features to get his attention is a tactic that will work against your BFF's flirty words. If it doesn't seem like there's any way for you to get a word in, say how much you like the guy with a soft stare and a sweet smile. As your friend continues to playfully joke with him, draw him in with your eyes.

3 Talk To Your Friend

Even though there are plenty of ways to take the attention away from your flirty friend, you may also want to have a conversation with her about your feelings. Some people don't realize that they're flirting or unintentionally attracting attention, according to clinical psychologist Jennifer Kromberg in her article "How and Why You Unconsciously Play the Flirting Game" on the PsychCentral website. If this is what's going on, ask your friend to back off when it comes to a guy who you truly like. Tell your friend that you have a serious interest in him and would prefer to approach him solo. A true friend won't stand in your way and will support your happiness.

4 Listen Up

Listening helps to build closeness and creates a feeling of bonding with another person, according to the article "Understanding Other People" on the TeensHealth website. While your flirty friend is chatting with the guy, pave your own way to his heart by listening more than you speak. Leave the flirty talk to your friend, while you ask him questions and intently listen to his answers. This will make him feel like he's the center of your attention and increase the chances that he'll want to continue the conversation with you.

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