How to Tell That a Female Has a Crush on You

Her smile and demeanor should clue you in to how she feels.
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You've been trying to figure out if a girl you like is crushing on you back, or perhaps, if a girl you're not into has a thing for you. Not all girls are the same and everyone acts a little differently when they like someone. However, there are some universal signs to look out for that will give you a good indication of that she's crushing hard or just sees you as a friend.

1 She's Always Around

A girl who is into you will always find a reason to be around you. If you are acquaintances, you might notice her hanging around your core group of friends a lot more. If you play on your school's basketball team and she comes to almost every game, making it a point to congratulate or console you each time, it's a good sign she's smitten with you. If you find yourself running into her before and after class often, especially when you have classes on the opposite ends of campus, it's probably not a coincidence. She's likely making it a point to run into you to get more opportunities to talk to you, especially if she always seems happy or excited to see you.

2 She Loves To Compliment You

How much a girl compliments you is definitely a clue to how she feels about you. It won't be a random compliment here or there. If she has a crush on you, she'll find a way to compliment you all the time even for small things. She might go on and on about how awesome you were in the school play, even though you only had a minor role. She'll compliment your looks, too. She might say how cute it is when your hair falls in front of your eyes and you throw it back. She'll also be the first to laugh at all your jokes, no matter how corny they are. If a girl like you, you're the funniest person in the world when you tell a joke.

3 Her Body Language Shows It

Body language is among the most telltale signs that a girl is into you. Take notice of her physical movements the next time you talk to her. Gazing at you as she smiles, leaning forward toward you when you're talking and touching you lightly are all clues that she's got a thing for you, according to body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass, in an article for Other signs to look out for: the girl twirling her hair subconsciously, mirroring your actions and looking down shyly when you catch her gaze. If the girl is doing even a few of these things consistently, it's a safe bet she's crushing on you.

4 She Wants To Hang Out ... Alone

A girl who has no interest in you will never ask you to do something with her one on one unless it's for some mandatory class project. A clear sign that she likes you is if she's ready to ditch the group dates and hang out, just the two of you. She'll likely ask you to do something when others are not around and make it clear she's only inviting you. She might say something like, "I get free passes to Coaster World all the time through my mom. You and I could go sometime." If you like her back, accept her offer graciously, then ask her to go out on an official date if things go well.

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