How Can I Show Him I'm Interested Without Really Telling Him?

A sweet smile and eye contact show him that you are interested.
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When that cute guy who's caught your eye walks by you don't have to blurt out, "Hey, I like you!" to let him know that you're interested. Long talks, conversations and outright admissions of your affection will get your point across but may seem awkward at times. If you're looking for a way to get your message out -- without really saying so -- consider showing instead of telling him.

1 The Body Language of Love

Use your body to show the object of your affection how you feel about him. This doesn't mean that you need to cozy up to him and drape your arms around him. Instead, your body language is a nonverbal way to give him signs that you like him. Positive types of body language such as pointing your feet towards him, keeping your arms open or playfully twirling your hair are cues that he'll read as interest, without you having to say a word -- and, don't forget to smile.

2 Get Closer

While you don't need to push yourself against the guy, standing closer to him is a way to show your interest. Moving towards another person -- closing the space between the two of you -- non-verbally communicates your interest, according to social and personality psychologist Jeremy Nicholson on the "Psychology Today" website. For example, when you see the guy in the school hallway, walk towards him to smile and say "Hi," instead of staying where you are and waving. If you are chatting together, lean in towards him a bit to close the gap.

3 Surprising Actions

Instead of saying those three little words, "I like you," show him that you have an interest in him with a sweet surprise. Send him a text that doesn't directly say that you like him, but does show that you care -- such as, "Good morning. Hope you have a fantastic day." If his birthday is coming up, give a small gift that highlights something special about him. Avoid overdoing it and stick to the small stuff. When gifting a guy you don't know well, opt for a present based on what you see. For example, if you notice that the guy's reusable coffee mug is in shabby shape, get him a new one for his morning joe.

4 Connect Through a Conversation

When you're having another marathon after-class conversation in the hallway with your crush, don't look around at your friends passing by -- instead, use the opportunity to show your interest. Focus your attention on him. Look him directly in the eyes, though avoid constant eye contact, which can make a person feel uncomfortable. Instead of making him think that you're uninterested by looking away, simply glance down coyly often in a flirty way. While you don't have to tell him that you like him during your discussion, acting like he's the only one in your world -- even though there are plenty of people that you know passing by -- shows him that you have a definite interest.

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