How to Introduce Yourself to a Girl and Not Make It Awkward

Don't forget to give the girl your name during the introduction.
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When you approach a cute girl, but your palms get sweaty, your heart starts to pound and your mind goes blank, learning how to introduce yourself without fear is a must. Kicking things off with an awkward introduction makes moving further into the relationship practically impossible. Instead of shutting yourself down before you even get a chance to start the relationship, pump up your confidence and make a good, impressionable introduction.

1 Question Introduction

You don't always have to go for the straightforward, "Hi. I'm John" introduction. While a basic introduction may seem stiff or awkward, be creative and break the ice in a memorable way. Choose a question that fits with the current scenario. When you're at your local pizza parlor, try something like this: "Hi, I'm Bill. So -- what's your favorite topping?" Another option is to use the question as an entry when you don't actually have a reason to approach her. In this case, try something such as, "Hi, I'm Tom. I lost my chem notes -- can I look at yours?"

2 Observational Awareness

Awkwardly approaching the cute girl at the campus coffee shop with nothing more to say than, "Um, well -- my name is Dan" won't make an impression. If you're struggling for something to say, introduce yourself with a statement about your surroundings. Take a look around and focus on one element of your area. For example, approach the girl and say something along the lines of, "I'm Jack and I see that you and I are drinking the same tall soy mocha."

3 Create Confidence

A sheepish shrug and downward gaze won't show a girl that you're worth her time. Introduce yourself with confidence, letting the object of your interest know that you're someone she should get to know. Think about why you feel awkward around girls, and why you lack the self-esteem to introduce yourself. Put an inner critical voice on mute and come up with a realistic expectation for the introduction. Keep a positive picture of yourself in mind as you approach the girl, showing her that you are indeed a confident guy.

4 Slow Down

Nervously rushing through an introduction rushes the process and can make it into an awkward situation. Slow down and take your time when you approach a girl for the first time. Instead of rushing or trying to fill every second with a constant stream of words, pace yourself and take the introduction at a steady tempo. If you feel yourself nervously spewing words at a rate that the girl simply can't comprehend, take a deep breath and slow down your speech.

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