How to Hide a Pimple for Men

Men can strategically use concealer to cover unsightly blemishes.
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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the face is the front door. Your face, particularly your skin, has a major impact on the kind of impression you make at work and on dates -- which is why pimples and other blemishes are a big deal. Although women have long held a monopoly on cosmetics, today’s average Joe has had enough -- men have cosmetic needs too, especially when it comes to camouflaging unsightly blemishes. Don't be shy about using blemish-hiding cosmetics such as concealers. With a little practice and the right tools you can apply cosmetics like a pro -- and no one will be the wiser.

Apply a thin layer of green-tinted stick or powder concealer over the affected area to neutralize the redness. Lightly tap the edges of the green concealer with your pinky or ring finger to smooth out the color.

Work a concealer pencil that matches your skin tone over the blemish. Apply the pencil gently to avoid irritating the sensitive skin around your blemishes.

Place a few small drops of cream-based concealer on the back of your hand. Pick up a small amount of the concealer with a fluffy makeup brush and apply it to your blemishes with circular motions to blend the color into your skin.

Add more concealer to the brush and reapply until the blemishes are completely camouflaged and the concealer is well blended with your natural skin tone.

Dip a latex sponge or clean makeup brush in translucent powder. Tape away an excess. Brush the powder with smooth, even strokes over all the areas to which you applied cream concealer.

Apply the translucent powder over other areas of your face that are particularly prone to oiliness. Inspect the final results in a mirror to ensure that all blemishes are covered and reapply as necessary.

  • Use a medicated concealer to heal blemishes while they are covered.

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