Much like any other healing wound on your face, scabby skin from an in-progress pimple eruption makes for a miserable makeup base. Don't jump straight to slathering on your favorite concealing cosmetics just yet -- clumpy concealer can cause a dry, flaky scab to look more noticeable than not. With a few makeup-artist tricks and conscientious pre-treatment, you can camouflage the zit -- and get your skin back to fighting shape.

Step 1

Gently wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water. Pat your skin dry with a clean washcloth.

Step 2

Apply a gentle toner to a clean cotton ball and dab it against the scabbed area to help soften the skin.

Step 3

Smooth a thin layer of gentle moisturizer all over your face. Let your skin absorb the product completely.

Step 4

Spread a layer of petroleum jelly over the scab. If the scab resulted from a newly erupted zit and looks inflamed, use acne-fighting gel instead.

Step 5

Stroke foundation all over your face in a downward motion, using a foundation brush. Dab gently around the scab area to cover it.

Step 6

Apply cream concealer over the scab with a stippling brush. Move the brush in circular dabs and keep a light touch to avoid damaging the scab.

Step 7

Lightly press a makeup sponge against the outer edges of the scab to blend the concealer into your foundation.

Step 8

Dust your entire face with translucent powder using a large powder brush. If the scab looks flaky before adding powder, avoid powdering the area.


  • Wash all makeup brushes after use to avoid spreading infection.