How to Copy Contacts From a Samsung Galaxy Pocket to an iPhone

Switching contacts is simple using Google's built-in data sync service.
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Manually transferring contacts from your old phone to a new device can be daunting, but you can use Google's sync feature to quickly transfer the information via Google's cloud servers. Every Android device, including the Samsung Galaxy Pocket, includes Google Contacts, which automatically syncs to your Gmail account, and you can then import Google Contacts to your iPhone by simply signing in to your Gmail account. You can transfer contacts not already synced to Google's servers by exporting them to storage, and then importing them to the Google Contacts list.

1 Back Up the Pocket's Contacts

2 Open Settings

Open "Settings" on the Galaxy Pocket, and then select "Add Account" if you do not already have a Google account connected to the device. Google automatically syncs Google Contacts to the company's servers whenever a change is made, but it does not sync other types of contacts, such as those saved to a third party backup service.

3 Return to the home screen

Return to the home screen, select "People," press the Menu button, and then select "Import/Export."

4 Tap Export to storage .''

Tap "Export to storage." The export saves every contact on the phone to one file, regardless of which contact list you originally added it to. Once the notification indicates the export is finished, press the Menu button, tap "Import from Storage," and then tap "Google Contacts." This adds the contacts saved to other lists to your Google Contacts so they can be synced to Google's servers.

5 Tap a specific Google account

Return to the home screen, open "Settings" again, tap "Google" under the Accounts section, and then tap a specific Google account, usually a Gmail address. Tap the box next to "Contacts" if this is not already selected. Force a sync by clearing the box with a tap, and then checking it again.

6 Sync to the iPhone

7 Tap through Settings | Mail

Tap through "Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars | Add Account | Google" on your iPhone.

8 Enter the login information

Enter the login information for the Google account used to sync your Android contacts.

9 Tap the box

Tap the box next to "Contacts" to allow the iPhone to sync the Google Contacts.

10 Tap Contacts

Tap "Contacts" from the home screen to begin the sync.

  • Information in this article applies to iPhones running iOS 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.

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