How to Tether on an Asus

Tethering allows a device to act as a wireless modem for other devices.
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Tethering allows you to use a wireless device as a portable Wi-Fi hot spot, enabling you to share that device's Internet connection with other laptops, phones and tablets. It is especially useful as a means of sharing a cellular data connection with Wi-Fi only devices. You can configure tethering on your Asus device through Android's “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” feature, which allows you to broadcast an encrypted wireless network directly from your device. Tethering also allows you to provide an Internet connection to your Asus tablet by connecting it to another device's wireless hot spot.

1 Tether to Your Asus Device

2 Navigate

Navigate to your Asus tablet's Home screen and then select “Settings.” Tap “More” and then select “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” to open the device's tethering menu.

3 Check the Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot box

Check the “Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot” box to activate the device's tethering features.

4 Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot

Tap “Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot” to open the device's hot spot configuration menu. Enter a name for the network into the “Network Name” field and a password into the “Password” field. Next, select a wireless encryption type for the network from the “Security” drop-down menu. These are the details that other devices will use when tethering to your Asus tablet. Tap “Save” to complete the configuration process.

5 Scan for wireless networks

Scan for wireless networks on the device that you want to tether to your Asus tablet, and select the Asus device's wireless network. Enter the security password to connect to the network and set up a tethering connection to your Asus device.

6 Tether Your Asus Tablet to Another Device

7 Set up a wireless hot spot

Set up a wireless hot spot on the other device as per its manufacturer instructions. Make a note of the name and password of the other device's network, as you will need these later in the process.

8 Tap the Asus tablet's

Tap the Asus tablet's “Menu” button and then select “All Apps.” Select “Settings” to bring up the device's main settings menu.

9 Tap Wi-Fi

Tap “Wi-Fi” to scan for wireless networks. Select the other device's wireless network and then enter the correct wireless password when prompted. Tap “Connect” to connect to the network and tether your Asus tablet to the other device.

  • Tethering may cause cellular devices to consume more data, potentially increasing your cell phone bill.

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