How to Embed Google Voice on WordPress

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If you use Google Voice, you can embed it on your WordPress site using a widget so that visitors can call you directly from your page. Your Google account provides you with tools to create the widget, which contains a "Call" button that people click. Once clicked, Google Voice connects the caller to your Google number. WordPress provides you with a built-in "Widgets" feature that enables you to paste in your Google Voice widget code and display it where you want on your site.

1 Creating the Google Voice Widget

2 Log in to your Google Voice account

Log in to your Google Voice account, click the "Settings" button and then click "Settings" in the drop-down list.

3 Click the Call Widgets link and then click the Add a New Call Widget option

Click the "Call Widgets" link and then click the "Add a New Call Widget" option.

4 Type

Type a name for your widget in the designated field and then click a phone option to specify where you want to receive calls when someone uses your widget. Optionally, click the "Send to Voicemail" button.

5 Click the Greeting drop

Click the "Greeting" drop-down menu and then click "Standard Recording." If you prefer for your callers to hear a personal message, click "My Greeting" and then use the provided buttons to record your own message.

6 Click the Save Changes button

Click the "Save Changes" button and then copy the code that appears in the "Embed" text box.

7 Embedding on WordPress

8 Log

Log in to your WordPress account and click "Widgets" under the Appearance heading.

9 Drag the Text widget

Drag the "Text" widget to the desired sidebar or footer location.

10 Paste the widget code in the provided text box

Paste the widget code in the provided text box. Click the "Save" button to finish adding it to your site.

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