How to Get Ringbacks From AT&T on a Samsung Infuse

Personalize the dial tone your callers hear with ringbacks.
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The Samsung Infuse comes with many Android media applications, including AT&T Ringback Tones, which enables you to install ringbacks for callers to hear instead of the default dial tone. Your AT&T ringback library holds up to 99 songs or sound clips, and you can assign ringbacks to individual contacts or certain times of day. For instance, you can set default daytime and nighttime ringbacks, or assign the same ringback to all callers in a contact group. In addition to the price of a ringback, AT&T charges a monthly subscription fee for the service.

Launch AT&T Ringback Tones by tapping “All Apps,” and then selecting “Ringback Tones.” If you don't have this program, select “Play Store,” search for “AT&T Ringback Tones,” and then download and install the program by tapping “Install.” When the installation completes, launch the program by tapping “Open.”

View a selection of ringbacks by entering a song title or artist name in the Search box. Alternatively, select a category from the menu bar, and then choose a genre or search filter from the category menu. For example, tap “All,” and then choose “Rock” to see a selection of rock songs. Ringback prices are listed next to the song titles.

Select a ringback and preview the song before buying it. After choosing a song from the main menu, tap “Listen” to preview the ringback, which may be a short clip from the song instead of the whole song. For example, a ringback may start at the song's chorus and play in a loop instead of playing all the way through from the beginning. After previewing your song, tap “Purchase” to buy the song and charge the cost to your AT&T account.

Set your default ringbacks by tapping “Manage” and choosing your preferences. The Manage tab has options for setting default daytime and nighttime ringbacks, as well as assigning ringbacks to contacts and contact groups. To choose a default ringback, tap “Set Default,” and then select a ringback from the list of songs you own. To assign a ringback to a contact or group, tap “My Callers” or “My Groups,” respectively, and then select a ringback from the menu. Your changes take effect immediately.

  • As of September 2013, AT&T charges a 99-cent monthly subscription fee for the service.
  • Ringbacks work even when you leave the AT&T network or travel overseas. There is no limit to the number of callers who can hear your ringbacks.

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