Everywhere you turn, someone you know seems to be in a relationship. Not having a boyfriend while friends are dating might put the pressure on to find a love interest. But concentrate on enjoying yourself and having fun instead of finding a boyfriend -- and you just might run into your ideal guy.

Join a Club or Class

Enrolling in a class or club at a local arts or recreation center can put you on the road to finding someone special. Attending a class that interests you is a way to meet guys who share the same interests and are open to learning, says Dr. Joe Amoia in his "Your Tango" article "The Top 5 Places To Meet a Good Man." Perhaps you can take an art or theater workshop and find a guy who appreciates the arts as much as you do. Maybe you can enroll in a cooking class and meet a guy who is an aspiring chef like you.

Take Time To Give Back

Volunteer for a cause and in the process, you may run into a potential boyfriend. Guys who lend a helping hand will know how to appreciate and value a woman and be ready for a relationship, says Amoia. Check around places in your neighborhood and ask if any are in need of volunteers. Perhaps you can volunteer at your local library and meet a fellow bookworm like yourself. Maybe you can volunteer to help patients at a children's hospital or retirement home. Find a guy who has a caring heart for people like you. Or, volunteer your time planting trees. Connect with someone who loves nature.

Hang Around Local Places

Your neighborhood probably has a plethora of places that teenage guys frequent. Positioning yourself in new environments can give you the opportunity to meet people to date, according to the Helpguide.org article "How to Find Lasting Love." Check out the pizza spot everybody has been raving about. Grab a slice of pizza and ask a guy sitting solo if you can sit beside him. Visit the new sneaker store at the local mall. Ask a guy his opinion on how a pair of shoes looks on you.

Go on a Blind Date

Your friends already in relationships can be useful resources to set you up with Mr. Right. Tell them you are in the market to find someone. Know what type of person you are interested in, says the StayTeen.org article "What Do You Want in a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?" Perhaps mention to your best friend that you would appreciate someone who is a basketball fanatic like you. Her neighbor or cousin may suit you perfectly. Or, tell a friend you are looking for someone who loves music. She could set you up with her classmate who plays in a local band.