Questions to Ask When Making New Friends in High School

Ask your friend what high school club interests him the most.
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Trying to make new friends in high school can be a tough task. But, it is helpful to remember other students are looking for new friends as well. When you meet someone who seems friendly, simply ask questions to learn more about her and hopefully start a new friendship.

1 Ask About Extracurricular Activities

Ask your new friend if he is involved in any school organizations or sports. One of the ways you can invest in a friendship is to figure out things you may enjoy doing together, suggests You may find out he participates in an activity that interests you. Perhaps a new friend says he plays the flute in the school band. If you play an instrument too, ask him how you can also join. Maybe your friend is in the chess club; ask him if you can accompany him to the next meeting.

2 Ask About Favorite Subjects

Find out what classes your new friend likes and dislikes and let her give her reasons why. See if they parallel or differ from your own. Perhaps your friend enjoys math because she would rather solve problems than write an essay. Or, your friend enjoys Spanish class because she wants to travel to Mexico one day. If you find out a friend does well in a subject in which you are struggling, you can ask her to assist you with your homework or to help you study for an upcoming exam. Also, offer to help her in an area with which she is struggling.

3 Ask About Career Goals

Your new friend probably has many plans in mind for his future beyond high school. Ask him about his career pursuits and ask him to give you the reasons why those areas interest him. Maybe he desires to follow in the footsteps of his older brother and become a lawyer. Perhaps he wants to be a veterinarian because he is a pet lover. Additionally, ask him if he has plans to further his education after graduation. Find out what colleges interest him. He might have the same colleges as you in mind. If he does not plan to attend college, ask him if wants to join the military or go to a trade school.

4 Ask About Local Hang-Outs

Ask your new friend what places teens go after class or on the weekends, such as a local pizza shop, teen center or arcade. Suggest going together or meeting her there. Additionally, ask for her email, social media page or text message number, so you can contact her if you want to make plans to meet up. Not only is technology an efficient way to contact friends, it can allow you to have a stronger sense of connection, Gretchen Rubin, author of "The Happiness Project," writes on "Psychology Today" online.

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