How to Ask My Girlfriend Her Ring Size

With careful planning, you can create the perfect surprise.
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Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or sizing up your girlfriend's finger for another occasion, guys often want to secretly figure out their girlfriend's ring size. There are several ways, both direct and indirect, to ask your girlfriend for her ring size.

1 Getting Her Ring Size

If you are approaching the question directly, you might mention your ring size before asking for hers, according to the jeweler, Brilliant Earth. You could also pretend to be purchasing a ring for a family member whose fingers look similar in size to your girlfriend's as a pretense to needing to know her ring size. Taking her to a jewelry store to be sized can also give you the opportunity to get an accurate answer -- and to ask her opinions on rings, according to the jeweler, Ross-Simons. You could also borrow another ring she wears and take it to a jeweler to figure out her ring size or see if a family member or friend would be willing to ask your girlfriend's ring size on your behalf.

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