Least Awkward Things to Eat on a Date

Pass on any foods that will be complicated to eat on a date.
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You are going on a date and you are stumped about what to order from the restaurant's menu. Avoid messy foods and select easy-to-eat items to prevent food mishaps in front of the guy or girl you are trying to impress. Let your date remember you for your conversation or smile instead of the awkward time you had twirling spaghetti.

1 Bite-Sized Treats

Foods that fit in the palm of your hand will be easy to pop in your mouth as you and your date chat. Order the miniature version of your favorite foods from the appetizer menu. You'll get the taste of the regular-sized foods without having to worry about messy toppings or sauces splattering everywhere. Try bacon cheeseburger or grilled chicken sliders at a grill or BBQ spot. Mini tacos or quesadillas are fitting choices for a Mexican restaurant. Hold the beans to prevent a gassy episode. If you are going to dine at a Chinese restaurant, fried or cheese wontons will be perfect to toss in your mouth.

2 Spaghetti Alternatives

A plate of spaghetti is tempting at an Italian restaurant, but you don't want to slurp noodles all night. Order a different option that will give you a similar flavor. Consider a plate of vegetables or meat lasagna. You can neatly use your fork to eat it. Ask if you can swap rice for noodles in chicken or eggplant dishes. Get pasta entrees made with Alfredo sauce -- a less messy alternative to tomato sauce. Skip garlic bread to keep your breath fresh.

3 Fork and Knife Foods

Skip burgers and other large sandwiches filled with toppings that fall all over your plate. Stick with foods you can slice into small pieces. Order grilled chicken breast or steak entrees. Pass on shrimp, unless it is already out of the shell. Try the salmon, instead. Order an easy-to-eat salad -- chicken Caesar, for example. Ask the server for your dressing on the side. A salad drenched in dressing will be slippery to eat.

4 No Drip Desserts

An ice cream cone will melt on your hands. You risk embarrassing yourself in front of your date. Consider counterparts that will satisfy your sweet tooth. A yogurt parfait can serve as a non-dripping alternative. Order a slice of your favorite pie or cheesecake for dessert. Remember to mind your manners in front of your date and slide pieces into your mouth with a fork instead of biting off large hunks. Alternatively, try chocolate-covered strawberries or warm chocolate chip cookies as an easy, romantic option to munch on with your date.

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