Numerous organizations perform charitable services on behalf of disabled American veterans, including the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, which acts as a conduit between civilians who contribute to this cause and needy veterans. To make a donation, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) nonprofit conducts an official fund-raising program with notably simple procedures precisely for this purpose.

Donate by Mail


Write a check payable to Disabled American Veterans, or compile a cash contribution.

Write a note that includes your email address and a request for email confirmation once your gift is received.


Send your check or cash and note in a sealed, stamped envelope to:

Disabled American Veterans Attn: Gift Processing P.O. Box 14301 Cincinnati, OH 45250-1301

Confirm that the DAV has received your mailed donation by checking your email for the requested confirmation.

Donate Online

Log on to to access the donations webpage of the DAV's website.

Click the "Donate" feature located at the far left of the webpage.

Fill out the DAV's online payment form with the requisite information concerning your selected gift type and amount, personal billing data and credit card numbers.

Process and confirm your donation as directed by the webpage instructions once you've completed the online form.


Items you will need

  • Check, cash or credit card

  • Email account