If your computer resides on the same network as your ReadyNAS Duo, you can access your shared data without needing to install any additional software. Simply search for the hostname or IP address of your network-attached storage in File Explorer, or browse for the device in RAIDar. To log in to the NAS from a remote location, however, you must install and configure ReadyNAS Remote on your Duo and on the appropriate computer. The ReadyNAS Remote agent will allow you to access the NAS as if you were on the same network.

Step 1

Download ReadyNAS Remote (link in Resources) on the device to which you want to grant remote access.

Step 2

Launch the ReadyNAS Remote Setup Installer and follow the onscreen prompts to create a user ID.

Step 3

Sign on to a computer residing on the same network as your Duo. Download the ReadyNAS Remote add-on for ReadyNAS Duo (link in Resources).

Step 4

Type "" (without quotation marks) into the address bar of your browser and then press "Enter."

Step 5

Enter your administrative credentials to log in to FrontView and then select "System" from the left menu.

Step 6

Select "Update" from the submenu and then click the "Local" tab. Click "Browse" and then select from your hard drive the BIN file you downloaded earlier.

Step 7

Click "Upload and Verify Image" to confirm your selection and then click "Perform System Update" to install the add-on to your ReadyNAS Duo.

Step 8

Choose "Services" from the left menu and then select "Installed Add-ons" from the submenu.

Step 9

Scroll to and then select "ReadyNAS Remote." Click the "Manage ReadyNAS Remote" button and then enter your user ID into the "Lookup" field.

Step 10

Click the "Find" button to locate your remote computer. Select the user ID and then click the "Add >>" button.

Step 11

Click "Apply Settings" to grant remote access to your PC. Sign on to the other computer and then right-click the ReadyNAS Remote agent located in the taskbar.

Step 12

Choose "Connect to ReadyNAS" from the context menu to connect to the Duo.


  • The IP address of your ReadyNAS may vary depending on your network configuration. Open RAIDar to view the IP address of your device if you can't connect to