How Do I Get a Copy of My United States Air Force Medical Records?

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The military provides medical care to all service members throughout the course of their careers. Each member of the United States Air Force and other branches has a set of personal medical records. Members who complete their military service often lose the records or fail to obtain a copy.

The federal government maintains a copy of medical records even after members end their service. Air Force veterans who learn the application process can obtain a copy of their personal medical records from the United States government.

1 Obtaining Medical Records with the eVetRecs System

2 Access the eVetRecs military records system

Access the eVetRecs military records system. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) provides the eVetRecs system for military veterans. NARA archives United States military records for veterans of all branches of service. You can get a copy of your Air Force medical records and other personnel records through this system.

3 Use the Request Military Records button

Use the "Request Military Records" button to launch the application tool. Fill out the personal information in the first two steps. Choose "Medical" for the category of your request in the second step. You will then receive three options for medical records: outpatient treatment records, inpatient treatment records and mental health clinic records. Choose only one of these even if you are requesting all of your Air Force medical records. You can expand your request later in the application process.

4 Enter your personal information in the third step

Enter your personal information in the third step. You will then see a text box to enter "Comments." Use this text box to make a request for your Air Force medical records. You will only receive what you request. Give as much detail as possible to get the records you are requesting. NARA does not just give you all of your medical records unless you make that specific request.

5 Enter your return address

Enter your return address in the last part of the third step. Use the address where you would like to receive a copy of your Air Force medical records in the mail. Verify the information you entered in the fourth step. You can use the "Previous" button if you need to go back and change any information.

6 Click Continue to get

Click "Continue" to get to the "Signature Verification" page. You must mail in a signed request to NARA to obtain military personnel records. Print out the verification page if you have a printer. You will need a blank piece of paper if you do not have a printer. Use the blank sheet of paper to write down the "Service Request Number" and declaration on the verification page. The declaration starts with "I declare."

7 Put your signature

Put your signature on the verification page or sheet of paper. Keep the bottom half of the page as a personal copy. Send or fax the signed request to NARA:

8 NPRC Web 9700 Page Avenue St. Louis

NPRC Web 9700 Page Avenue St. Louis, MO 63132-5100 Phone: 314-801-0800 Fax: 314-801-9049

9 Make NARA

Make sure NARA receives your request within 30 days. NARA purges electronic requests from the system if it does not receive the signed request form by that time.

10 Obtaining Medical Records with the Standard Form 180

Access the Standard Form 180 at the NARA website. You can use this form if you prefer to mail in your request for medical records. Print out the form.

Fill out your personal information in the first section. Make your request for Air Force medical records in the second section. Check off the "Medical Records" request option and the "Medical" option for the purpose of the request. Include the hospital facility name and dates if you are requesting records of hospitalization.

Include your return address in the third section. Sign and date the form. Use the "Location of Military Records" section to determine the office for filing the form. You must choose the address based on your Air Force status (discharge or retirement date, active status, etc.). Match up the number for your status with the physical addresses at the bottom of the form. Send your request to the office that matches your status. You may also fax the completed Standard Form 180 to 314-801-9195.

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