How to Obtain Autopsy Reports in Texas

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Autopsies are surgical procedures that confirm the cause and manner of death. Autopsies are conducted by a coroner, medical examiner or forensic pathologist in the state of Texas. The Texas Public Information Act deems autopsies public information. Anyone can request an autopsy report.

1 Contact the medical examiner's in charge of the autopsy

Contact the medical examiner's office in charge of the autopsy. In Texas, the medical examiner's office conducts autopsies according to the county in which death occurred.

2 Send a handwritten or typed letter

Send a handwritten or typed letter requesting the autopsy report. You may have to complete an autopsy request form (if available).

3 Include your contact information with your request

Include your contact information with your request. Specify your relationship to the deceased, too. Be sure to identify the deceased using his complete name and date of death. Enclose your payment in the methods specified by the medical examiner's office.

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