How to Write a Report About Hotels

How to Write a Report About Hotels

When people choose a hotel, they usually look for information on it beforehand. This is most important because a hotel a person chooses to stay in for business may not be the same type of hotel they choose stay in when on vacation or with their families. A hotel report might also be of interest for tourism boards or businesses who plan conferences and need specific types of accommodations for their guests.

A person may search the internet travel sites where people post about their own personal experiences. It's not at all uncommon for hotels to have their own social media pages where previous customers can post photos and thoughts about their recent stays. People crave reviews, reports, ratings and discussion on hotels. Writing a report not only gives you the opportunity to stay at a hotel, it informs others to help them decide whether to stay there.

Writing a hotel report takes time and a detail-orientated person. It may also be necessary for the person writing the review to have to be able travel to the location of the hotel. If a review is being written for a travel website, it's most important to know the basics such as where it's located, how much it costs and what type of accommodations can be expected. A review written about a personal experience are more likely to share not only the positives about the hotel, but also any negative experiences one might have.

1 Get to Know the Hotel

Become familiar with the hotel you are reporting on. Visit the hotel and jot down notes on parking, cleanliness, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, how problems were resolved, overall appearance, the check-in process and any other relevant information.

Take notes on the facilities that are near the hotel. This includes entertainment, landmarks, restaurants and attractions. These are important to tourists and people staying in the area.

Talk to the employees of the hotel. Be honest about who you are and why you're asking questions. It's also important to let the hotel staff know that whatever the talk about, will only be shared anonymously. This will most likely allow them to feel more comfortable and not be afraid to be honest. Ask them if they enjoy working there, if the pay is sufficient for the work that they do, how they feel about the management and if they think the hotel could be improved. How the employees feel is very important to the hotel report and the readers of the report.

2 How to Write a Report

Start by giving a little background information on the hotel you're reporting on. You may be able to get some information via the internet or through the staff. Find out who owns the line of hotels, when the hotels were started, and any other history on the place. Knowing the history of the hotel can make it more alluring especially if has a special connection to a famous person or if there has been suspected hauntings. It's also most important to report the hotels exact location and how easy it is to get to it and whether or not a visitor can expect shuttle service from airports or train stations.

Add information regarding the hotel in its current state, including details from your visit. Describe the inside of the hotel, what amenities it offers (pools, sauna, jacuzzi, arcade, game rooms) and nearby attractions. Rate the staff, the cleanliness of the hotel, ease of check-in and check-out and more. Also, be sure to report noise levels inside and outside. It's also essential to state if the hotel is accessible for all guests and if so, what is available such as ramps and elevators.

Remember to put a special section in the report for the comments of the hotel staff. Do not include names in order to protect the identity of the employees.

3 Completing the Report

Conclude the report with an overall rating and recommendation of the hotel. Would you recommend this hotel to family and friends? Is there anything that the hotel could do to improve? The end of the report should summarize the details on the hotel and let the reader know whether or not they should visit there.

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