How to Tip for Furniture Delivery

Tip your delivery person to say thanks for his hard work and professionalism.
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It's easy to get excited about buying a new sofa or kitchen table, but that excitement can turn into disappointment when you realize there's no way you can squeeze the new purchase into your car for the drive home. Many furniture retailers can deliver your purchase to your home for a fee. Although you typically pay a fee upon purchase, don't put your wallet away just yet. It's proper etiquette to tip the delivery person after he finishes the job.

1 Tip Based on Size and Weight

It's appropriate to tip each person in the furniture delivery crew between $5 and $10, according to "U.S. News & World Report." Tip on the higher end of this scale if the furniture item is excessively heavy, if the crew is delivering multiple products or if delivery of the item was difficult -- for example, if the crew had to navigate a circular staircase. As with any tip, a higher amount is ideal if the person is highly professional or friendly. If you're unsure about tipping the delivery person, it's acceptable etiquette to ask at the store if tipping is customary, according to The Emily Post Institute. Tip a few extra dollars per person if the crew assembles the item for you.

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