State reports are a common assignment for students in elementary school. Reports consist of a general overview of the state, its history, major industries and government. All state reports should include general information about the state combined with interesting facts and information about what sets that state apart from the others.

Visit the state's official website. Many state websites offer a student page where you can learn basic facts about the state and, in some cases, request research materials. Even if the site does not have a specific page designed for kids, you can generally find basic information about the state for your report.

Begin your report with an overview of the state. Include information about the state capital, population, geography and natural features. Include information about the state bird, flower, tree, song and other official items.

Provide information about the geography of the state and how it got its shape. Describe the major rivers, mountains, lakes or other features of the state, and offer details about the climate, such as average temperatures, rainfall and snowfall. Describe any interesting or unusual geographic areas in the state.

Describe the history of the state. Tell the story of how the state came to be, including the first explorers, first residents and how the state entered the union. Highlight some of the major events that led to its statehood.

Report on the major industries and the economy of the state. Mention any well-known businesses that operate in the state and other facets of the state's economy.

Include fun facts and information about your state, including a list of famous residents, unusual statistics or funny local attractions.